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    Community Based Sharing Initiatives in Adelaide


    Curated by Adelaide urbanist and activist Sharon Ede, Share Adelaide is a hub for South Australians to discover and access local and international activities, ideas, networks and information on community-based sharing.


    Share Adelaide is also a catalyst to help citizen innovators and organisations to start or build sharing initiatives by learning what others are doing, and finding likeminded people.


    Worldwide, the sharing and solidarity movement is gathering momentum in the wake of converging ecological, social and economic crises. Sharing is a positive, tangible way for citizens to have real agency over their lives and communities, and has a range of potential benefits including building resilient communities, reducing household costs, supporting health and wellbeing, less resource use, and fostering prosperity through relocalisation of economic activity.


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  • Share N Save

    mapping community sharing assets in Adelaide and South Australia

    ShareNSave was a web platform developed by the South Australian government,
    launched in November 2013 to map community based sharing. It was decommissioned in late 2018.


    ShareNSave was made open source in December 2014, which means anyone can now use the ShareNSave software, adapt it and offer their contributions back to the mapping community for others to benefit – for example, if groups develop new icons, or new functions such as a calendar.


    South Australia to Share its Way to Zero Waste - Shareable, Dec 2013


    Sharing Platform ShareNSave is Now Open Source - Shareable, Mar 2015


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