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2014 Sharing Cities Network Map Jam – Adelaide

Update 20 October: missed the Jam? Here’s what happened!

Adelaide’s first event for the global 2014 Sharing Cities Network Map Jam will be held on:

Sunday 19 October, 3pm – 5pm

Sarah’s Sister’s Sustainable Cafe

117 Semaphore Road Semaphore, SA 5019

RSVP here – the event is free, but places are limited.

Join your fellow Semaphorians and western RADelaideans for some collaborative cartography!

A Map Jam is about identifying and making visible the commons, the gift economy – where people are sharing and living collaboratively.

Adelaide has many such things going on, often only known to locals in each area. What if we could map them and make them visible? How could it help others, new arrivals, and visitors? These activities include food swaps, community gardens, bike and car sharing, collaborative cooking, hackerspaces and coworking spaces, toy libraries, the DIY/maker movement, tool libraries, clothes swaps, skillshares and much more!

This Jam will be a fun, informal gathering in a cafe renowned for its commitment to sustainable living and community spirit. If you know of things that should be on a ‘sharing map’ of Adelaide, please come along and get busy with markers and maps!

We’ll be contributing to a resource that can be used by the community to do four powerful things:

  • enable people to access more of what they need by discovering what is already around them; saving money, strengthening community connections and using less resources
  • increase participation in existing sharing activities, and encourage others to start similar initiatives in their area of the city
  • unearth completely new ideas that people dream of doing, but haven’t started yet – because they don’t quite know where to start, or need a likeminded person to connect with
  • help us remember what we already do, and what else we can do, ourselves

Even if you don’t know of anything that could be mapped, if this inspires you, please come along!

Which cities are part of the Sharing Cities Network?

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