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Newman’s Own NFP Grants Offer Almost $1M

Do you have a sharing activity, or are you planning one, that might be eligible for these grants?

Cross posted from Pro Bono Australia

The Newman’s Own Foundation, the charity set up by US actor Paul Newman from the profits of his company that produced salad dressing, has announced its 2015 Australian charity program offering $900,000 in grants.

Some 18 Empowerment Grants, each worth up to $50,000, are available to charities who nominate individuals from within their organisations whose work empowers others to overcome extraordinary adverse circumstances, and/or provides equal access to human rights and contributes to the development of a civil society.

The Newman’s Own Foundation says it has already delivered grants worth $22 million to over 1000 Australian charities.

President and CEO of Newman’s Own Foundation, Robert Forrester, said the charity nominees will follow in the footsteps of Paul Newman through their determination to make a difference to the under-served or disadvantaged in the community.

“Some of the areas that may be covered by this year’s grants program include human rights, indigenous causes, disadvantaged youth, veteran affairs and health and education services,” he said.

 “Paul Newman believed we all have the opportunity to improve the lives of others and this year we are seeking individuals from within charitable organisation who have demonstrated a ongoing commitment to empowering those less fortunate.

The Foundation’s Australian advisor Dimity Pinto said charities could nominate the charity’s founder, case workers or even a part time volunteer worker, or “anyone who has the drive to go that extra mile to help others transform their lives”.

Nominations will be open from 4 May – 31 May 2015. Details can be found at

Note: Evidence of taxation deductibility: As the Foundation is bound by the requirements of the USA Department of Internal Revenue, EOIs will only be accepted from charitable organisations with current Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) status. If you are uncertain of your organisation’s DGR status, your authorised representative can contact the ATO for confirmation on 1300 130 248.

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