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ShareNSave: Free, Open Source Mapping Software

The South Australian government, through Zero Waste SA, has developed a platform to map community sharing assets.

ShareNSave was launched in November 2013, and in December 2014 was made available on Github.

Github is an online repository which hosts source code and enables people to collaborate, build and share software.

This means that anyone can now use the ShareNSave software, adapt it and offer their contributions back to the mapping community for others to benefit – for example, if groups develop new icons, or new functions such as a calendar.

Right now, some technical ability in websites and coding may be required to use the software. Supporting documentation is forthcoming for those who need it.

If you know people working on sharing and collaborative activity, let them know that this high quality, easy to use software is now available for them to map what is happening in their neighbourhood, city, region or country.

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