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Transforming to a New Economy: Michel Bauwens in Australia

Emerging practices and trends which characterise the ‘new economy’ offer a roadmap to not only foster local economic prosperity, livelihoods, and employment, but also contribute to social transformation for a fairer, more sustainable civilisation.

Michel Bauwens is a leading ‘new economy’ thinker – a Belgian peer-to-peer theorist and an active writer, researcher and conference speaker on the subject of technology, culture and business innovation.

Bauwens is Founder and President of the P2P Foundation, a not for profit organisation which researches and advocates for peer to peer dynamics in society, and helps people, organisations and governments transition towards open knowledge, commons-based approaches. He has been a speaker at academic institutions such as Yale, Harvard, Cambridge, and the Sorbonne,and has delivered keynotes at events in cities the world over.

We are a knowledge commons and a global ‘collaboratory’ of researchers into peer production, peer governance, and peer property. Our key belief and hypothesis is that the internet is creating not just a great horizontalisation in communication, but also new forms of cooperation and actual ‘production’, not just of knowledge and code (software), but also the capacity of making things in a wholly new way. It is now possible for people to meet together, declare their joint intention to produce something, and go about organizing this using a combination of ‘virtual’ and ‘physical’ means.

Bauwens has vast knowledge and expertise of diverse kinds of innovations occurring worldwide which have not successfully penetrated and germinated within the Australian market. These innovations include:

  • cooperative business models
  • shared value creation
  • collaborative economy
  • 3D printing
  • makerspaces & fabLABS
  • local resilience & caring for the commons – on micro and macro scale, collective intelligence
  • blockchain contracts
  • case studies from all over the world on how people have come together to do things collaboratively
  • the use of technology to enable much of the above

In 2013, Bauwens led a team of researchers who worked on the FLOK Society Project (Free/Libre Open Knowledge), commissioned by the government of Ecuador. The project sought to define how a knowledge based economy would work and give policy recommendations for how to get there.

There are tentative plans to bring Michel Bauwens to Australia in late 2015, and sponsors and partners are being sought for this visit, which will be of interest to individuals and organisations whose focus is economic & business development, community development, information technology, manufacturing, government and innovation.

Please share this post with anyone you think may be interested in hosting a session with Michel, or planning and facilitating a multi-city Australian speaking tour. 

For further information or to register an interest as a partner or sponsor, please contact Sharon Ede via to discuss.

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